Local Consultative Advisory Board (LCAB)

St. Mary's Visitation School has a consultative/advisory board made up of school parents/parishioners. Our school board is called the Local Consultative Advisory Board (LCAB). The concept of the LCAB is based on a belief in the importance and power of shared leadership. Parents, faculty, administration and the community work together to provide advice regarding school policies in accordance with the mission of the school and the policies of the Diocese of Kalamazoo.  

The primary function of the advisory board is to provide advice and assistance to the school's leadership team (canonical administrator/pastor and the principal).

Board members offer their experience and expertise to strengthen the decision making process. The assistance is provided in the following ways: planning policy development, finance, public relations/marketing, curriculum assessment and evaluation of the principal.  

It is through the work of such advisory board committees that recommendations are made, direction is set and policy is developed. Currently, our LCAB has 6 members.

Home and School Association

The purpose of our Home and School Association is to create a positive atmosphere for learning through a cooperative effort between administrators, teachers, staff and parents/guardians by providing financial assistance, organized social functions, extracurricular educational programs and a volunteer parent network.


The St. Mary's Visitation HSA is composed of all parents/guardians of students attending SMV, teachers, administrators (including an elected parent Executive Board), and is 100% volunteer based.   

Attending our meetings provides you iwth the opportunity to have a voice in key activities planned for our school. 

Parent Ambassador Program

The St. Mary’s Visitation School Parent Ambassador Program, which began in April, 2016, meets monthly and has nine parent members. WHAT IS A PARENT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM?

A Parent Ambassador Program:

  • Organizes parents of current students

  • Prepares them to be part of the school’s recruitment team

  • Sends them out into the community to connect with parents of prospective students

  • Offers assistance for SMV parents, navigating challenges that may arise throughout the school year

  • Is an informational resource for new and current SMV families

  • Is a way to create unity within the SMV community by making sure everyone is up-to-date on school-wide events with personal contact ahead of time

  • Makes periodic phone calls and emails to new families to see how families and students are adjusting to SMV.


The program is based on the belief that current parents are our best recruiters and that often the best way to market is one-on-one personal communication.


The SMV Parent Ambassadors are working on a mentor/mentee program where all preschool and kindergarten families, as well as new families, will be contacted on a regular basis regarding school events and procedures. They have also set up monthly Playgroups for children for 0 to five years on the 2nd Friday of each month. All community members are welcome. The next one is January 13 at 10:00 a.m.


Other marketing ideas are in the works and will be announced shortly. Please call the school office with any questions.


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