Welcome to 2nd Grade! 

Our Classroom Rules

(We can up with these together)

  1.  Don't talk when the teacher is talking.               6.  No running indoors.     

  2. No kicking, pushing, or hitting                            7.  No sharing food.

  3.  No throwing things.                                            8.  Respect our school.

  4.  No yelling.                                                            9.  Use kind words.

  5.  Respect Others!                                                   10.  Love God all times.

STREAM Project

100th Day


         Valentine's Party

Educational Websites

2nd Grade Specials Schedule

                         *  Catechesis - Monday 8:00-8:35am

                        Friday 12:40-1:15pm

     *  GymMonday/Thursday 1:20-1:50pm

                         *  Music - Monday/Thursday 1:50-2:20pm

                         *  Library - Tuesday 9:00-9:30am

                         *  Art - Tuesday 2-2:50pm

Reading Buddies with 5/6 Grade



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Responding to the Teaching Mission of the Catholic Church and embracing our Catholic identity,  St. Mary's Visitation School strives to inspire, encourage, and challenge each student in its care, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually within a Christ-centered environment.