Welcome To Kindergarten

Week of 11/11/19


This week in reading we will read 3 stories from our reading program.  Each story will focus on asking questions when confused and using text and pictures to make sense of what is being read.  We also have 2 new sight words you/what.  Our list is growing.  When you can, please review these.   Throughout this year, we will learn over 90 sight words!  Students are rocking reading short sight word books.  They are doing awesome!  I'm so proud of them!  


Students have begun How To writing.  I heard students teach their classmates how to ride a bike, come into the classroom in the morning, and other fun activities.  We will dive deeper into this type of writing this week!

Science/Social Studies

On Monday, we will talk about what Veteran's Day is and why we celebrate it.  The rest of the week, we will continue learning about people's needs and discuss why farms are so important.


We will finish unit 5 this week.  Our assessment will be on Thursday.  Some students are still learning what each teen number is.  This concept can be reinforced at home with various games.  Let me know if you would like any ideas!  









     Catechesis of the Good Shepard







     Catechesis of the Good Shepard

     Reading Buddies


This week students will learn the importance of self control.  They will watch a video that discusses self control as well as make a craft.  They will also practice self control while playing games and doing other fun activities.

Mrs. Jessica BeVier


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